Deymann Tankrode is founded in Hamburg

The acquisition of Fluvia Tankrode GmbH in Hamburg was the company’s entry into freighting and an important step for the further growth of the Reederei Deymann Group.


Acquisition of the Seibert Group, including a total of 7 modern container ships

The acquisition was followed by the company’s positioning in container shipping, representing a further milestone.


Relocation to the current office building at Papenwiese 5 in Haren, Germany

The expansion of the company’s business activities and acquisition of further ships made it necessary to move into a larger building to accommodate Martin Deymann’s growing team.


Company renamed Reederei Deymann

After the shareholders parted ways, Martin Deymann continued operating under the name Reederei Deymann as the sole shareholder.


Relocation to the new office in the countryside

From here, the inland shipping specialist refined the expertise of the Gerhardt & Deymann company.


Foundation of the Gerhardt & Deymann tanker shipping company

The shipping company’s first tankers were commissioned shortly after its foundation. The fourth Aviso II was ordered with the aim of being commissioned in 2005 as a stainless-steel tanker ship. At the same time, the Aviso II’s sister ship, Leonie Deymann, was commissioned.


The third Aviso II was built and the second Aviso II was sold

The company once again modernised and expanded by building the third Aviso II (3,206 t). With the new build, Martin Deymann’s dream of having his own ship built and commissioned was fulfilled.


The first Aviso II was sold, Martin Deymann purchases the second Aviso II

The company modernised and expanded by selling the first Aviso II (1925, 1,399 t) and purchasing the second Aviso II (Ex Christiaan, 1980, 2,154 t) fleet.


Martin Deymann purchases first Aviso II

After just two years as captain, Martin Deymann purchased the first Aviso II from his father, Rolf, becoming a first-time shipowner.


Martin Deymann as sailor and captain

After passing the inland shipping sailor examination, 19-year-old Martin Deymann acquired his first patent.


Rolf Deymann purchases the Aviso II

The ship was in poor condition at the time of purchase. Rolf and Martin Deymann put a lot of time and effort into its restoration so it would once again be ready to sail.


Martin Deymann as a child, on board with brother Manfred

As the son of an inland shipping expert, Rudolf Deymann, first took to the sea just six weeks after his birth, in 1970, where he stayed until starting school. From then on, Martin knew that he wanted a future in inland shipping.