Successful handover to Deymann Tankrode Logistics GmbH

The new shipping company Deymann Tankrode Logistics GmbH acquired Fluvia Tankrode in Hamburg on 1 November 2019.

During the handover, former owner Rick van Westenbrugge of Fluvia Tankrode transferred all business activities to the new proprietor, Martin Deymann, owner of Reederei Deymann, accompanied by words of gratitude.
“We are very satisfied with the acquisition and want to extend our thanks to Mr Van Westenbrugge and the entire team for handling the entire process so professionally,” said Martin Deymann.
The official handover was conducted at the Deymann Tankrode Logistics GmbH offices in the presence of all employees and parties.
In keeping with an old shipping tradition, Rick van Westenbrugge took down the Fluvia flag and Martin Deymann hoisted the new Reederei Deymann flag.