Growth at Deymann Tankrode Logistics

Two new employees have signed on at Deymann Tankrode Logistics GmbH for the company’s freighting activities. Thorbjörn Andrulat, who currently works for Deymann Tankrode Logistics in cooperation with the company Bargeteam, will be switching to Deymann Tankrode full-time on 1 June 2020. The second new employee is Maximilian Richter, who has been supporting the team since 5 February 2020.

These two gentlemen will be supporting the freighting teams and, among other activities, assuming Carsten Wünning’s responsibilities, who will be retiring on 31 May 2020.

After training as a shipping agent, Thorbjörn Andrulat gained experience by freighting tankers. His work as a freighter took him to the Rhine and the entire ARA region. He has been working in inland shipping for over eight years, and his expertise will be an asset to Deymann Tankrode Logistics.

Maximilian Richter has been working in inland shipping for over six years and has specialised in Operations over the last four years. The companies he has worked for include the cruise line A-ROSA, where he coordinated 11 premium cruise ships in Europe.